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Initial Registration Term:
1 year
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Creating and running a business is easy with the right advisor by your side. But as with all things good in life, getting a brand name trademarked and having search traffic organically to your website takes up to 12 months each. That is why we suggest getting the naming, domain and website done well ahead.

➽ I Key milestones when we do the naming for you:
Step 1: Based on your inputs, complete detailed writeup on topics covering brands purpose, positioning & consumer insights
Step 2: Identify keywords that resonate with your brand against each topic questions
Step 3: Pick top repeating keywords and generate related words through stock image, synonym search etc.
Step 4: Run all the words through several filters that range from its emotion, linguistic ability, capacity to represent varied services etc.
Step 5: Check cleared keywords for similar company, trademark, domain and finally for social media handles

Trademark search covers as applicable:
a) All 45 classes for India
b) Limited search for United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
c) Limited search for World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) against the origin country

Not covered:
Application drafting and filing to regulatory body for company incorporation, brand name trademarking is not covered in this service.

Disclaimer: Despite the thorough search, your shortlisted brand name may still get rejected or objected during company incorporation and trademarking by regulatory body or other third parties due to several reasons.

➽ II Coverage when we register domain for you:
a) Register one non premium non promoted domain name with or without modifier closely matching to the brand name with one available top-level domain.

➽ III Coverage when we do the website for you:
a) 1 page static minimalist free-theme website excluding edits to theme, code and graphic design.
b) Up to 6 menu headings or product categories. 
c) Up to 6 high-resolution exclusive stock photos, vectors or illustrations. 
d) 1 year subscription fee of selected software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.
e) Connection with up to 2 available out-of-the box payment gateways.
f) Business specific legal documents to be displayed in site.
g) Upload of up to 20 watermarked background changed enhanced product images. Client to provide raw product images. 

⌛ Lead time for delivery:
Timeline to complete your new company name suggestions, domain purchase and ecommerce website is 12 weeks from receipt of all required details.

Ongoing support: Each plan and renewal includes 24 billable hours of support post-handover which can be availed during the one-year period. This includes any content edits to your website excluding code and graphic design changes.

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Why does it take weeks to find a brand name?


Available brand names are getting limited by each passing day and we do a thorough step by step research to find one that syncs with your businesses purpose. Following the detailed process provides several benefits one of which is that you are not limited by your brand name from diversifying in future. And you can be relaxed about the objections during trademark application. So the time taken is well spend to protect your brand names growth. 


How can I be sure that my work is handled by an expert?

Our expertise is gathered from 2nd generation business personnel’s, corporate veterans, doctors, bankers, accountants, architects, academicians and IT professionals from India, Middle East, Canada, Singapore and US. We have opened, closed, maintained businesses of all sizes through economic down turns, market competitions, talent crunches, working capital shortages, funding approvals and tax notices. So we have gone through most of worst and best case scenarios and keen to help startups from our experiences. Our passion to our purpose and resolve to lean towards light has made us thrive all along. So don’t waste time, let us help nurture your startup to growth. 


Do I own my data? What happens if we stop the engagement?

On completion, we share the brand name working template so that it can always be reffered back. Additionally, the domain and website is registered with your contact information so that you are always in control of the infrastructure. And when you pick a plan for online ads, your analytics and ads infrastructure is segregated by your own name and payment details, with option to remove our access. That way all your historical website data is preserved and owned by you. 


Why should I pay yearly and not monthly for the domain and website?

Even though domain names default minimum term is 1-year, annual plans aways offer the lowest cost to you. Having a yearly plan also ensures that frequent renewals are not missed out and your website data is intact.


What happens if I miss the yearly renewal?

Your domain name and website data would be preserved for 7 to 30 days post which its removed from servers. There would be additional cost from registrars which could be up to 8 times the normal cost if we request retrieval of data post the grace period. 


Why pay for brand name, domain and website services when I could do this myself?

A good product or company name, domain name and online site gives assurance to your customers that your business is here for long term and generates organic traffic towards it. When it’s done by our team who has been through this multiple times, you can be free from most of errors and learning curve which could take months to rectify. Our purpose is to speed up your profitable cash flow generation which is the single most factor for the long-term success of your startup. In addition, having professional content and stock photos in your website reduces your online search ads cost and improves its ranking thus generating more margin compared to competition.

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