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In the beginning, a founder might think that no funding is enough for his or her startup. Over the years he or she understands that being scrapy on expenses and focusing on operational excellence is the only way to live through cycles.

⚡️ Only when the funding dries, the founder understands that they could get the same revenue with 1/3rd resources.

Lucky if founder had the sense to deploy systems which are flexible to growth and cost.

❤️ Even though a startup’s journey has several ups and downs, the small pecks of success on the way is what the founders cherish for life.

We live the journey daily and are proud to advise you on your path of success. Be it on bank funding, trademark, systems, distributors, sales & procurement, legal agreements, before or during the startup journey, ask us during our 1-on-1 in-person or online meeting.

We're here to help. If you can't find what you're looking for, please reach back to us.


My career is superb. Why should I think about starting a business now?

Its when all things are stable and crisis free that you can think clearly on how to monetize your passion and experience for the greater good. Building physical and online presence of your business takes months and completing the foundation would help you build fast in later years. That way when a geopolitical or economic black swan event occurs, you have the plan ready to deploy fast. 


Why should I get into an adventure now by creating and operating a business?

You will gain more clarity of your purpose as you begin the journey of starting a business which in turn increases your perseverance. Having a planned purpose in future helps you thrive through your midlife questions as well. A business entity also provides more realizable cash in hand compared to approx. 50% of career income after deductibles.


Wouldn’t starting a business involves lot of money and time?

Our focus is to minimize your expenses and fasten the generation of profitable cash flow. Hence our micro services don’t have the bells and whistles and provide you just the basic to get rolling. It does involve time and that's why we ask you to start ahead in small steps just like you keep your clothes ironed in the weekend. Depending on required infrastructure, we can suggest on funds to save or ways to generate. 


My business is failing, could you help?


Yes, our belief is that, you get the real focus when pushed to the lowest point in the business cycle. There are structural things you could do to salvage still like raising a small non collateral loan from PSU bank to keep alive just the portion of business that has a positive cash flow. You have to be really prudent at this stage as it would be the last straw and should immediately cut back on resources and expenses that doesn’t add to survival. If its small business, an alternate income during the period could help to push ahead from the stabilisation phase.


If there is some portion of the business or inventory that you can monetize, we can try help on that. Whatever be the case, you must preserve nontangible assets like your trademark, websites organic SEO and use them for the second phase. Startup success for 2nd time founders is much higher, as the initial learning grounds them up for most challenges.