Brand Naming

Examples of our work


Creating an effective brand name

Problem: A sustainable food produce company needed a brand name reflecting the freshness of the food items they source. In the crowded brand name space, they needed a name which was unique yet has a meaning to it and which could carry on other products and services in future. Additionally, they wanted the .com domain and one which would clear the trademark hurdle. 


Solution: We took the project through our structured but time-consuming process of finding a name which reflected the purpose of the brand. 


Below key milestones were completed in that order:

Step 1: Based on company's inputs, complete detailed writeup on topics covering brand’s purpose, positioning & consumer insights
Step 2: Identify keywords that resonate with company's brand against each topic questions
Step 3: Pick top repeating keywords and generate related words through stock image, synonym search etc.
Step 4: Run all the words through several filters that range from its emotion, linguistic ability, capacity to represent varied services etc.
Step 5: Check cleared keywords for similar company, trademark, domain and finally for social media handles


Our trademark search covered the following:
a) All 45 classes for India
b) Limited search for United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
c) Limited search for World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) against the origin country


Value based business outcome: We gave 3 options to the company further which one of them was filed through trademark attorney & successfully registered. The .com and other domain extensions required to preserve the brand was registered through us.  Customer was happy with the two word name which had meaning to it and reflected the brands promise.