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Now: ₹7,888.00


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Monthly/Yearly subscription fee of selected software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform:
Additional as actuals (Aprox INR 2000 per month)
Travel & stay charges for onsite visit outside Chennai, Kottayam (India):
Additional as actuals & intimated prior
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➽ Coverage when we develop the Ecommerce site for you:
a) Up to 5 pages static minimalist free-theme website excluding edits to theme, code and graphic design.
b) Up to 12 menu headings or 10 product categories.
c) Upload of up to 10 watermarked background changed enhanced product images. Client to provide raw product images. 
d) Connection with 1 available out-of-the box payment gateway.
e) Up to 1 hour of online training on website usage.

Not covered:
Subscription fee of selected software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

⌛ Lead time for delivery:
Timeline to complete your ecommerce website is 4 weeks from receipt of all required details.

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Who owns the completed eCommerce site?


You own it. We register you as our client and the website is in your name and its subscription payment tied to your credit card. 


What if I need to make changes to the website after handover?


When you use our services, maintenance is easy and cost effective just as deployment. Our annual support plans start from 24 billable hours, and you can avail it any time during the year for content edits to your website excluding code and graphic design changes.


Is domain registration covered under the service?


No, but we can do it for you as a billable item. If your favourite .com domain is not available, we can run an auction to try get it as well. We can also suggest alternates like using a modifier or try other top-level domains.