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Maximum file size is 524288KB, file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff, txt, pdf, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, accdb, mdb, one, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, pub, odt, ods, odp, odg, odf

Maximum file size is 524288KB, file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff

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A team member of yours might have to look for a new external position due to several reasons.

Applying for each job takes 30min or more as most companies need application filed in their own career portal after an account is created. Some ask additional writeups including cover letter which require professional and to the point responses.

With each position receiving 50 to 1000+ applicants, the candidate might end up applying to 100+ jobs to get through interview shortlist. He or she might also be crucially tied up with regular work and you won't want them searching for jobs while at office. Companies are notoriously slow to close already filled in jobs. Firms also lists openings in job board or career sites due to HR requirements even though an internal candidate is identified or is just creating a job to retain a promising internal candidate. Even when hiring is frozen, phantom postings are created so that managers can keep track of best talent and keep ready a handy pool of candidates when the job opens or for succession planning purposes. As the candidate use our services, he or she can be in a positive mindset and be stress free from the responses or the lack of from the applied companies.

✅ A practical help you could offer a team member is our job application services wherein we apply to companies and positions of interest on his or her behalf with at most care. Let the candidate prep for the HR meeting while we ease them through the application process.

  • We proofread and format the CV and include a cover letter highlighting his/her expertise for each individual job.
  • We scan the company’s site and social media to understand what your reader of cover letter is likely to care about and customise it accordingly.

The skills and experiences mentioned in the job description is weaved back into your CV if applicable so that your candidature has a better chance of clearing the applicant tracking systems (ATS) & initial screening process.

  • We have been through roles starting from door-to-door service engineer, globetrotting professional to CEO, of startups, growth companies and multinational companies. We worked through all possible departments in a business enterprise across major economies and so can relate to your current and future career needs. Our cred is in getting you to the next position that meets your purpose.

You had a blast in college.
You are afraid of nothing.
Screams and blasts with full energy across events.
Pass out of college with wonderful memories and dreams.
Get lucky to enter corporate world with campus placement.
Looking for an angel to get you out after you served time in a role.
Something holding you back though.
If this sounds familiar, you are ready to use our Job Application Services.
Eloping to a new role and building up skills and knowledge is closer than you think.


Why should I pay for job application service while I can do the same easily with few clicks at a job portal?

When you avail our job application services, we custom edit your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant experience that syncs with the core job requirements. A well-crafted personalised cover letter with hiring managers name always gets little more attention than a generic resume. Both of this increases the probability of recruiter or screening software to shortlist you. So, you don't have to send hundreds of applications for a screening call while a smaller portion of customized applications could do the job.


I am desperate for a job, and would this help get a placement faster?

Our advice would be to plan couple of months with an internship, non-profit or a paid training so that you are still contributing and don't have to show a break in your career while we cover the application portion. As a second person we consistently apply for jobs without slowing down and you are stress free from the number of applications to file before a call comes through. 


Why should I use your service when am busy with my career and have years of experience?

For you as a busy professional, we save your time by editing your resume and completing detailed application process through unique career portals of each MNC's. As you gain more experience, the job market gets narrowed and search could take a while which we can cover for you.  


How can I be comfortable with sharing personal information?

We use the same data storage and management infrastructure as used by global corporates who create intellectual properties. Data always reside within company infrastructure and in company hardware with restricted internet access. You can be more sure of our safeguards as team members have access to data as per their work profile and for active assignments. Even though most of details within a resume is in public domain, all data passing through us meet the same rigor. 


Not sure if it's value for money.

Editing and completing one job application professionally takes 30 minutes and more. The result of a matching dream job is worth the resource spend by both of us. 


I have applied for hundreds of openings in job portals. All I got is single digit call. Why is it so difficult?


Some firms might be creating job postings to increase their online visibility, gain followers or to test out the job market. There could also be posting from job agencies to increase their pool of registered candidates. Then there is genuine delay in taking down openings from third party job portals. Career portals of each company is a better option as positions mostly have the end date marked. We cross check openings in job portals with each company’s career site and decide on your application.


I got an offer and accepted. Anything else to be done?


We are extremely proud and happy as you get an offer that keeps up with your expertise. Once you inform, we purge all your documents from our systems except the transaction level data. 

Expect some bit of stress and cold feet couple of weeks before and after the join date which is normal, especially if you had a break in career or been with a company for long. Once you join, go with the flow, lay bit low and avoid unsolicited advice for couple of months till the firm considers you as part of team and naturally highlights your work and elevates you; Just like you are a newlywed and work through to get the acceptance from family during the initial few months.


It seems difficult to get a job in the current market and being middle-aged. Am thinking of a manufacturing startup.


Creating a product is capital and resource intensive. Our suggestion would be to be a distributor of a similar product and learn about the market, pricing and margins for a year or two. You can then manufacture the product and use your distribution network to reach customers easily. Get more one to one support for your venture before you start.

✨ Questions? Our team is here to help.