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Key milestones when we do the naming template for you:
Step 1: Based on your inputs, complete detailed writeup on topics covering brands purpose, positioning & consumer insights
Step 2: Identify keywords that resonate with your brand against each topic questions
Step 3: Pick top repeating keywords and generate related words through stock image, synonym search etc.
Step 4: Run all the words through several filters that range from its emotion, linguistic ability, capacity to represent varied services etc.
Step 5: Check cleared keywords for similar company, trademark, domain and finally for social media handles

Trademark search covers as applicable:
a) All 45 classes for India
b) Limited search for United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
c) Limited search for World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) against the origin country

Not covered:
Application drafting and filing to regulatory body for company incorporation, brand name trademarking is not covered in this service.

Disclaimer: Despite the thorough search, your shortlisted brand name may still get rejected or objected during company incorporation and trademarking by regulatory body or other third parties due to several reasons.

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Can my brand name be rejected?

Yes, before examination of application, the trademark registry can notify a formality check fail which mostly can be rectified by removing the unrelated item from the product description. 

During examination of application, the registry can raise an objection which could be due to non-distinctive nature or similarity with an existing mark which could need a hearing. In the reply to the examination, you can submit supporting documents in public domain that can prove your brands messaging.

Once the registry publishes your brand in the TM journal, any member of the public may oppose the registration of the mark within 3 months as applicable for India.  


Is getting my brand name trademark registered important?

You should file the trademark application as soon as possible and before the name is made public. As the registered owner of the brand name, you have a better stand on retaining social media handles related to it. You can be sure that the same name cant be used in the registered country for any similar business. This is decisive in later years as your brand grows and you decide to expand it to further geographies. A registered mark also assures public that you are in for the long haul.