Examples of our work


Creating new synergies with smart workflows

Problem: A distribution company had manual order management process which resulted in inventory shortage, incorrect billing and frustrated customers. For field sales personnel, capturing order and error checking invoice with billing team extended to 30 minutes per order. “Anytime there was a missed or excess product delivered to customer, we would hear about it” comments the Account Manager. "I don’t like talking to the customer who's mad that he hasn’t received the ordered item and has to arrange another expedited order. Billing team and sales personnel would then pin point at each other for the manual error."


Solution: The company asked if there can be an efficient simple workflow instead of a new standalone tool. We proposed that they adopt Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Automate & Microsoft SharePoint which supports a seamless automated flow of smarter information. 


Value based business outcome: The field staff was able to quickly capture orders in Microsoft Form which was immediately notified to billing team as a Microsoft List in SharePoint. Order quantity was visually enhanced to prevent manual error by billing team and summary of every order was notified to account manager as a message. In addition, all the information is tied back to Microsoft Teams so that anyone can easily access current data from a single location. No longer reacting to expedited orders and other problems, the team can work more proactively, and procurement can make accurate forecasts based on live field data.