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Sell the price.Not selling through price

Rather than the smile and dial cold calling, most sale roles have become much more consultative requiring to be empathetic and deeply curious about client's businesses. Delighting customer is in providing a blend of human expertise and digital self-service consistently based on their preference. The most effective sales model for B2B firms is thus to turbo charge their eCommerce journey and provide remote sales support.


We help break down your market into industry micro segments, and analyse your share, growth potential and competition landscape to reveal opportunity hot spots, and to adjust resources accordingly. We break down sales activities and assign each task to groups that can perform it efficiently, which provides frontline sales team 50% more time to sell and boosts revenue 10 to 25%.


We research to calibrate the size of your market, choose the best markets and channels, and determine potential buyers motives and influences. We also develop collateral materials, promotions, direct mail and trade shows to find and qualify leads for sales team and close sales. 

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How activating arm muscles while using shopping carts affects purchasing: 

According to research on Arm Posture and Product Choice by Mathias C. Streicher and Zachary Estes, bringing the forearm toward the upper arm like when lifting a basket activated biceps which is associated with positive evaluations, attaining gains and increased the number of products purchased. A slightly lower parallel handle than the standard horizontal or perpendicular bar on a shopping cart increased the purchase quantity, spending, variety and increased the choice of vices (e.g. chocolate bars) over virtues (e.g. fruits) likely due to movement of biceps symbolising bringing objects like food towards the body.


Copy of this paper by Estes, Z. & Streicher, M. C. (2022);  Courtesy City, University of London, City Research Online (CRO), institutional repository.