Managed Services

Start at zero

We have helped companies solve a multitude of service problems, including reducing work volumes, improving first-time rates, reshaping capacity requirements and radically redesigning for fast and flawless experience using ground up zero-based approach. 

We use systematic and comprehensive approach to implement projects with several interrelated parts to become a true partner. We use technology and structure in our knowledge management towards developing and improving an effective process for you. Our peoples drive and tenacity along with process and technology enhancements provide you the agility to grow in today’s frequently changing environment. 

Examples of our work


A unique approach to transforming full services

Problem: A regional company having retail, wholesale and ecommerce operations had broken processes and tools across procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (OTC) operations. The company was frustrated with excess inventory, spoilage, missing documents, customer escalations, cash flow issues, and interest on delayed tax filing which culminated in tax id cancellation.


Solution: We designed and implemented activities and business rules covering order sequence of procurement and end to end financial process. Our use of digitisation, smart workflow tools and cloud services drove significant value to day to day operations and enabled company to shift mindset towards innovation and growth opportunities. 


Value based business outcome: The simplified and automated material, document and data intake, triage, and routing process of end-to-end operations provided efficient workflow and end to end visibility. The company realised significant savings from reduced inventory, improved cashflow, lower resource spend and zero penalties on late filing of tax and book closure. 


Its B2C customers was provided with B2B style service experience by giving more emphasis on becoming a trusted advisor and advocate. We enabled company to channel customer feedbacks towards creating and improving its products and services.



New ways of working: 


The steps focused on amplifying value by implementing digital solutions, streamlining and automating processes, enabled faster and better business decisions and improved customer and supplier experience. Our zero-based approach of reimagining business from ground up enabled the company to reset its cost structures and free up cash flow for investment. 


Following services was part of our engagement result with client- 


Create list of frequent moving Stock Keeping Units (SKU) from past 12-month sale data. Use only the same and its variants for ordering
For SKU requiring reordering, do physical count of closing stock. Send Purchase Order (PO) to supplier for 1 week requirement


On receipt of delivery (Date= D), do quantity and expiry date check and document
Scan barcode of one sample of ever SKU received. Document expiry date in 2nd gate check
Update new product, price change & tax HSN in billing and accounting tool
Clean, watermark and upload new product image in ecommerce tool
Receive invoice in billing tool against PO within D+1 days and complete update in accounting tool
Update customer specific price list for new product in billing tool


Account receivable
Download cash, credit card, mobile, bank credit statement and update accounting tool
Send once a week reminder to customers with pending payments


Designed dynamic pricing depending on volume, credit terms & return policy to protect margins proactively


Capture orders online from field sales personnel
Create customer draft invoice for next day delivery
Send invoice soft copy to customer on day of delivery
Handle customer queries across all channels through a single ticketing system


Credit control
Send credit enhancement request for customers crossing pre-set credit thresholds


Mark supplier invoice for payment after duplicate and paid check
Do "maker" transaction for bank payment one day in advance of new PO issue and send for "checker" approval
Share bank transaction reference numbers to suppliers proactively to reduce follow-ups


Data accuracy
Do daily accounting entry for asset, non-saleable expenses
Do data correctness check for supplier, invoice, tax id across interconnected tools to identify any non-synced data 


Warehouse monitoring
Inspect daily warehouse images and suggest areas requiring rework. Follow-up on completion of previous days corrections