Architect Services for Modern House Home Office | Architecture Design with Site Coordination

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Architect Site Visit:
1 preliminary visit included if within Chennai, Kottayam D.T. (India)
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Our house is where we take rest after the days toil. Its where we recuperate and find solace when unwell. Even if the home gets messy with kids or parties, we always long for the warmth of its bed and sofa.

✅ Our architects ensure that your house and home office is cosy and filled with energy through optimal usage of space, natural light, wind, and passive cooling techniques.

Even with plot sizes as small as 1200sq ft, we ensure open ground for your garden, rain and bath water harvesting while still meeting building codes and set back guidelines. Plants and trees around your city home brings in squirrels and hummingbirds which energises your early mornings.

⚡️ And when your colleagues come visiting, they would always exclaim at your house being naturally airy and cool and come back for sleep overs.

Retainer Fee: On purchase of Architect's services
Stage1 Fee: On submitting up to 2 conceptual designs
Stage2 Fee: On incorporating Client's suggestions and submitting drawings for approval from Client / statutory authorities, if required
Stage3 Fee: On preparation of working drawings, specifications and schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare estimate of cost
Stage4 Fee: On submitting working drawings and details required for commencement of work at site
Stage5 Fee: On virtual completion or on issue of as built drawings